Adiel Fernandez

Interaction Designer & Developer

Mechanical Wings



Inspired by Marvel superhero Archangel, these costume wings are made from 1/32” aircraft grade aluminum. This intentional choice of materials allows the wings to have a 10-12 foot wingspan while keeping the weight of the entire unit down to approx. 18 pounds.

The wings are controlled via Arduino using gloves embedded with sensors. By pressing different fingertips together, the user can control individual wing panels to move them into a wide range of positions.

“Archangel Wings” received 2 editor's choice awards at World Maker Faire 2011 and were also featured in the Powered by Fiction exhibition at the 2012 Emerge conference on Design Fiction at Arizona State University.

Wing Movement Test



By the New York Hall of Science's Great Hall at World Maker Faire 2011.


Captured by Popular Science photographers at World Maker Faire 2011.


Wings are mounted to a solid aluminum backplate.


Controlled by button inputs in fingertips.