Concepts Template

The Spacetime Explorer

Museum Exhibit Prototype

Code Template

Vortex Simulator

Study in motion
using particle systems

Concepts Template

Wedding Paint

Interactive installation
for painting digital portraits

Code Template

Fluid Dynamics Visualization

Dynamic Visualization for
3D vector data set

Physical Computing Template

Color Mixer

Tangible User Interface for
mixing physical color digitally

Physical Computing Template

Ambient Data

Hidden data display
inside home furnishing

Physical Computing Template

Feedback Gearbox Mechanism

Custom positional feedback
system for linear actuator

Physical Computing Template

Archangel Wings

Aircraft-grade aluminum, mechatronic costume wings

Code Template

John Whitney Homage

Code-based Animation

Code Template

Particles in Dynamic
Vector Fields

Code-based Animation



Adiel was born and raised in New York City on the upper west side of Manhattan. From a very young age he would dismantle every toy he was given in order to learn about its inner workings. His very next step would be to tell everyone he could about what he learned and how his toys worked.

These passions have persisted to this day and so he spends most of his time working with his hands bringing physical, electronic contraptions to life and teaching in whatever capacity he can.

In his spare time, Adiel is a competitive inline speed skater and an avid snowboarder.


Between finishing my undergrad in physics and education and returning to graduate school to study Design and Technology, I worked for 6 years at the New York Hall of Science where I held various positions ranging from docent, to instructor to exhibit designer.

I have held many different positions in the science, education and technology disciplines and find myself most passionate at the intersection of those three, using technology as a tool to teach science.

For more information about my professional experience and background, feel free to check out my resume.


Adiel Fernandez
T.   646.372.5758

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