Interaction Designer & Developer with a passion for merging physical and digital experiences.

Collective Wisdom - Art Commission

The EdLab at Teachers College, Columbia University
Teachers College

Large-scale Computer Vision System

Audio Video & Controls for ESI Design
Terrell Place


Audio Reactive Projection Installation

The Spacetime Explorer

Museum Exhibit Prototype
Spacetime Explorer

Wedding Paint

Interactive installation for painting digital portraits
Wedding Paint

Fluid Dynamics Visualization

Dynamic visualization for 3D vector data set
Data Viz

Vortex Particle Simulator

Study in motion using particle systems
Vortex Sim

Kite IMU Data Visualization

Signal processing and visualization of 9 axis IMU sensor
Kites Viz

Physical to Digital Color Mixer

Tangible User Interface for mixing physical color digitally
Color Mixer

Ambient Data

Hidden data display inside home furnishing
Ambient Data

Mechanical Wings

Aircraft-grade aluminum, mechatronic costume wings

Linear Feedback Gearbox

Custom positional feedback system for linear actuator
Feedback Gearbox

Who I am

Born and raised in New York City, I began my academic career studying physics with a specialization in education. After graduation I worked for 6 years at the New York Hall of Science where I held the roles of Science Instructor and later Exhibit Designer. While there, my passion for teaching science evolved into a love of creating experiences that communicate engaging content, science or otherwise, to people through the creative use of technology. After all, once you're able to communicate advanced scientific material to audiences of all ages, you can communicate any content to any one!

I then decided to shift my career in this direction by pursuing a Masters degree in Design & Technology from the Parsons School of Design. It was there, and through the experiences it led me to, that I honed my craft in both Interaction Design and creative coding. I currently work full time as a freelance Interaction Designer and Developer with a number of active projects at any given moment. I also have maintained my love of teaching by serving as Adjunct Faculty at Parsons where I teach creative coding and physical computing.

My Specialties

  • Computer Vision
  • Projection Mapping
  • Physical computing and electronics
  • Tangible, embedded interactions/Tangible user interfaces
  • User Experience/Interaction Design
  • Non-traditional Interfaces